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New Cheyenne Mountain Area Colorado Springs Home Coming Soon

Coming soon!  $430,000Wow. Don't miss this incredible Skyway home in CDE's highest-rated school district in the state: Cheyenne Mountain 12. This spacious and updated mid-century rancher is

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Denver Among Top Ten Cities For Income Gain

Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Denver, Provo (UT), San Jose (CA) - besides being out west, what do these cities all have in common?  They are among the top ten cities in the United States in

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Excellent Website For Anyone Looking At Colorado Springs Housing

Landslides and condemned homes in parts of the southwestern part of Colorado Springs.  Underground mines that some fear will swallow up homes similar to sinkholes in Florida.  The well

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Denver Among 3 Potential US Cities For 2026 Or 2030 Olympics

Denver holds the dubious distinction of being the only city to receive an Olympic bid and decline the offer.  Now, the Mile High City, along with 2002 host Salt Lake City, and Reno, Nevada are

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